Grant Road Improvement Project

    Grant Road Improvement Plan

    Grant Road Improvement Project UpdateGrant Road
    Improvement Project

    June, 2018

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    Grant Road Improvement Plan

    New and wider sidewalks, more signalized crosswalks, improved bicycle lanes, and enhanced landscaping will greatly improve both the pedestrian and bicyclist use and the appearance of Grant Road.

    Grant Road Improvement Plan

    When complete, Grant Road will greatly improve our region's east-west mobility by adding a new travel lane in each direction.

City of Tucson's Grant Road Improvement Project


Voters approved the Grant Road Improvement Project and its half cent sales tax funding in May 2006 as part of the $2.1 billion dollar Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) plan. The improvements to the five-mile section of Grant Road between Oracle Road and Swan Road include widening to six lanes with bike lanes, and streetscape and pedestrian improvements to create a state-of-the-art, multi-modal transportation corridor.



Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 5&6
Campbell/Country Club
Phase 3&4
  • Substantially Complete
  • Construction cost estimate $11 million
  • Complete construction cost $7 million
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  • Fall 2018 slated construction completion
  • Concurrent land use planning
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $17 million
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  • Concurrent build of phases 3 & 4
  • Current real estate acquisition
  • Current utility coordination & relocation
  • Fall 2018 90% design plans
  • Fall 2018 Public Open House
  • Construction cost estimate $31 million
  • Construction RTA Period 4- Fiscal Year 2022-2026
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  • Concurrent build of phases 5 & 6
  • Construction cost estimate $30 million
  • Construction RTA Period 4 - Fiscal Year 2022-2026
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