Grant Road Improvement Project

Phase 5 & 6: Campbell/Country Club


This phase of the roadway extending from Fremont Avenue to Sparkman Boulevard is part of the RTA third and fourth funding periods (2017-2026). The current anticipated construction period is 2026. The reconstruction phasing concept was recommended to and endorsed by the Grant Road Task Force on December 16, 2009. Development of the reconstruction phasing concept resulted from an analytical assessment of reconstruction phasing options that considered the following:

  • Construction project limits
  • RTA funding schedule and project construction and right-of-way cost
  • Project delivery duration
  • Coordination with other projects
  • Community perspectives
  • Project need based on a review of safety and congestion


David Burbank, CPM, P.E.
Tucson Dept. of Transportation

Project Consultant Team 

This project has not been put out to bid for design.


Design Concept Report

Phase 5 & 6

Geometric Alignment Map (2009)