Grant Road Improvement Project

Public Art Phases

Phase 1

The Oracle Blossom
The first work of art to be installed as part of the Grant Road Corridor Improvement Project is lighting up the night sky at the corner of Grant and Oracle Roads. Designed in compliance with dark-sky codes, the LED lights sequence through multiple colors, whose glimmering petals and stamens symbolize the birth of new life on Grant Road. Read More...

Phase 2

For the Grant Road Improvement Project Phase 2, Simon Donovan & Ben Olmstead were selected to complete artwork for the project.

The sculpture they created is called Unity and is comprised of five figures, three female, two male. Each one is approximately 10 feet tall. They stand in a circle facing outward, holding hands and leaning far forward. They would tumble forward if not for the cooperation, trust, and collective effort that is required in forming an unbroken ring. Thus the title "Unity".

The sculpture is made of hundreds of parallel, vertically aligned stainless steel plates, each held 1 inch apart. The result is a study of figures with a shifting perception of form as one moves around the sculpture. Additionally, it will be illuminated with amber colored LED lights at night.


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