Grant Road Improvement Project

Phase 2: Stone/Park


Grant Road Phase 2 construction will improve the roadway from Castro Avenue to Santa Rita Avenue.

Additional travel lanes, new and wider sidewalks, more signalized crosswalks, improved bicycle lanes, public art  and enhanced landscaping will improve both the pedestrian and bicyclist use and the appearance of Grant Road. A median and managed access to businesses will improve safety, and provide a safer and easier way to get to and from residences and businesses in congested areas. Additionally, a retention basin will be built at the southeast corner of Euclid/Grant that will increase drainage capacity.

This phase of the project will be constructed in five stages, described below. Dates indicate approximate beginning dates for the construction:

Phase 1 - Construction is scheduled to start March 20, 2017 

  • South side of Grant work to include retention basin between Euclid and Park and new eastbound lane

Phase 2  - Summer 2017

  • Stone Avenue improvements north and south of Grant; will include lane restrictions
  • Improvements to First and Euclid Avenues, north and south of Grant

Phase 5 & 6 -  Fiscal year 2022-2026

Phases 3 & 4 - Fiscal year 2022-2026

  • North side of Grant work to include new westbound lane
  • Raised median installed along entire segment; will create significant traffic impacts 

Project Contractor 

Construction Lead Consultant: Markham Contracting

Design Consultant Team 

Design Lead Consultant: Psomas

Wheat Design Group
Ninyo & Moore
Kaneen Communications